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What Parents Are Saying:
 May 4, 2021
With Deep Gratitude I write letter to you.
My family and I thank the Mission Viejo Chabad from the bottom of our hearts. Your teaching in Hebrew school and fun stories have created a Huge sense of Pride in my daughter in Being Jewish. Just like the Ckids Jewish Unity Song..... it is so true!  My daughter and I want to shout it out loud that we a super proud to be Jewish!  She even wants to be called her Hebrew name, Nesia over her birth name.  You and Rabbi Marcus have made religion so much fun to learn about through the Hebrew school and various events centered around the holidays.  My daughter looks forward to going to Hebrew school and all your events!  I am amazed how quickly she has been learning to read Hebrew through your Aleph program.  I love how every holiday you communicate a relevant message in a fun way that we can apply to our daily lives.  The super creative Passover walk was amazing!  The weekly newsletter is always terrific to read also! What a huge difference Mission Viejo Chabad has made in our lives in such a short time. Especially during these trying times, you found a way to be creative to continue making Hebrew school fun and inspirational online.  We will never forgot the video you created at the end of last years Hebrew School.  We appreciate it from the bottom of our hearts how you stirred the passion for religion in our family and we are excited to continue growing our Jewish journey.

Love the "B" Family
"Wonderful place to be. The kids love coming and there are many activities and things to do for the adults as well. Bassie's Thursday Torah and Tea is the bomb! So great:) Looking forward to many happy years here.'
Karina Richland
What The Students Are Saying:
This is my Sunday school (Hebrew school) and it is really really REALLY FUN!!!!!!!!! I always have a BLAST so if u r Jewish and u live near or in mv (Mission Viejo) join CJC of Mission Viejo.
Alexa Fitzpatrick