Bar/Bat Mitzvah's at CJC


Each and every child is unique, at CJC we believe that their B Mitzvah celebration should be a reflection of their uniqueness. We therefore tailor each B Mitzvah so that it is most meaningful and relevant for them. Our director Bassie meets with each family and prepares a plan for each family and coaches them through the entire process.


B Mitzvah Discovery Course


As the students approach the age of B Mitzvah (6th & 7th grade), we provide a course covering the meaning behind the various rituals and customs connected to this life cycle event.  Students learn the 13 principles of faith, great Jewish leaders, special Mitzvot, and much more.

Class are on Monday evenings. 

Boys: 4-5 pm
Girls:  5:15-6:15 pm

Fee:  $300.00    Use the Hebrew School   Registration Form  Click Here 


  B Mitzvah Private Training


CJC also provides private training and coaching for B Mitzvah. A schedule will be created that works for your family, usually meeting once a week. The training/coaching includes: 

  • Individual instruction on the Hebrew reading of the Torah &/or Haftarah portion or the Ani Mamin and Aishet Chayil
  • Preparation of any prayers connected with the B Mitzvah ceremony
  • Assistance with writing their speech, learning the meaning of their Torah portion
  • Gaining a deeper appreciation for a B Mitzvah 

For all your B Miztvah needs contact Bassie at 949/770-1270 or email at [email protected]