In this series of classes on meditation, Dr. Michael Grossman, MD promises everyone (even beginners) will experience deep meditation and gain a direct experience of the deeper spiritual levels. Each class is a stand alone experience and also builds on previous lessons - it is therefore perfect for newcomers and for those who have taken the class before.

Meditation is very easy to do if taught well. Intellectual learning is not sufficient to gain experience of the worlds of spiritual delight.

*** Due to Covid-19, classes are now virtual*** 

   Thursdays 7:30pm, and Sundays 12:30 pm 

Suggested Donation: $10 per class 

A graduate of NYU medical school in 1974, Dr. Grossman had done research on the medical benefits of meditation and began  lecturing on natural approaches to medicine.

Dr. Grossman has personally taught meditation to over 1, 000 people, and he is a frequent lecturer on spirituality and mysticism.

With his breadth of knowledge of spirituality, Jewish Kabbalah, and attitudinal healing, Dr. Grossman brings deep personal experience to his classes and lectures. Transformation and steps toward a personal experience of G‑d’s love is present in his classes.

Dr. Grossman is the author of the Vitality Connection: 10 Practical Ways to Optimize Heath and Reverse the Aging Process. His book integrates psychological and spiritual practices with a comprehensive nutritional program for creating health.

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