How it all began

The Aleph Champ Program was developed in 2004 to provide new and exciting ways for students to learn to read Hebrew. 
Aleph Champ adopted the color system used in karate--“white belt to “black belt”--to motivate Hebrew reading in Hebrew Schools.

The success of the program was immediate!! Students took to the “Aleph Champ” idea with unprecedented enthusiasm.

Following its initial success, Chabad Hebrew Schools around the world began using Aleph Champ and today the program is used by over 450 schools worldwide as well as by many home-schoolers and adult educators.

Aleph Champ is constantly looking for new ways to reinforce Hebrew reading and continues to strive for an excellent reading program that will give Jewish children confidence in reading. 

It is our goal to provide the next generation of Jewish children with the dignity to walk into a shul and open up a siddur, comfortable enough to read from the Hebrew text and join along as a proud member of the Jewish community. 

Understanding Levels

White Aleph Champ
First 19 Letters of the Hebrew Alphabet
א ב ב ג ד ה ו ז ח ט י כ כ ך ל מ ם נ ן

Red Aleph Champ 
Next 13 letters of the Hebrew Alphabet:
ס ע פ פ ף צ ץ ק ר ש ש ת ת

Orange Aleph Champ
The first 3 vowels of the Hebrew Reading System:
Kamatz, Patach, Tzeirei 

Yellow Aleph Champ
The next 3 vowels...
Segol, Shva, Cholam 

Green Aleph Champ
The last 3 vowels:
Cheereek, Koobootz, Shoorook 

Blue Aleph Champ
Exceptions to the Rule:
Patach Chet, Double shva, (middle and end of words) Yud vav, Patach yud... etc 

Purple Aleph Champ
35-50 wpm (words per minute)
Prayers from the everyday prayers 

Brown Aleph Champ
40-60 wpm (words per minute)
Prayers from the everyday and Shabbat prayers 

Grey Aleph Champ
Welcome to the siddur!
Grey level integrates students from the Aleph Champ program into the real world.

Highest Level: Black Aleph Champ

Our Methodology

Aleph Champ is based on Chabad Chassidic philosophy which follows the ancient, traditional method in which children were taught to read, as explained in the Kabbalistic teachings of the Zohar. A child’s spiritual development mirrors the physical. Child development specialists speak of the importance of the order in which a child learns to walk. Beginning with lying, then rolling, crawling and finally walking and running, the order of these steps affects the development of the child. The same is true of spiritual development. The Aleph Bet are the spiritual building blocks of a Jewish child. Beginning with the letters and their traditional names, one at a time in the order that they appear, the vowels in their order, then building words, this order of study which has been practiced for thousands of years affects the spiritual development of the child and their internalization of the holiness of the Hebrew letters.