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New Flooring

We're ready to be floored!! The final renovation of Phase 2 is to install new flooring. To proceed, we need to remove all remaining CJC flooring, level the floor, smooth it, and install 2,350 new, beautiful Luxury Vinyl Planks (LVP's). After the planks are installed, they will be crowned with finishing baseboards. The new planks look like wood and have a sound reducing pad, will be easy to maintain, and are commercially rated for heavy duty wear, tear and davening. A sample of the new planks are on display in the CJC foyer.

Our Phase 2 fundraiser last Fall raised a lot of money, but we did not reach our goal. To finish the floor, we need your help. There was a great suggestion that we allow donors to sponsor planks. The donation to sponsor a plank is just $18, and we need to install 2,350 planks. If each person reading this will sponsor at least one plank, and one plank for every family member who benefits from CJC programing, we will achieve our goal and be able to have our new floor installed before the High Holidays :)

Raffle & Decorating Night

Each person who sponsors a plank will have the opportunity to personalize the back of their plank(s) at our Chinese Auction & Plank Decorating Night, Sunday, July 29th at 6:00 PM. To kick things into high gear, anyone who sponsors 10 planks will receive a ticket for the Chinese Auction to win a prize, such as a $500 Target Shopping Spree. For exciting raffle details, and prize details, please visit our raffle page.

Make a Difference Today

This is a golden opportunity to participate in a genuine Mitzvah that will benefit our entire community and promises much pride, comfort and great returns for many years to come. With your partnership, we will be able to finish our Center, which is a beacon of goodness and kindness in Orange County. Please partner with us by making your online donation today.

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We've reached our goal!
Goal:  $42,300

We Thank Our Recent Partners
Ari Montanari
Karen Lenhert
Kathleen Abraham
Thank you, Rabbi and Bassie, for helping me find my new Jewish home at Chabad Mission Viejo.
May we be all inscribed in the book of life and have a meaningful and easy fast! Thank you Chabad
Ari Montanari